EVE Sushi is the perfect delicatesse to treat yourself, your loved ones, your guests or cliënts.

We will make sure that you will enjoy the delightful taste of our sushi. Our standard is to make a truly orgasmic taste. 

Our service is not only about the sushi, but about the whole presentation as well. We aim to give people the real jetset experience.

Life is as beautiful as you make it. And we are pleased to bring some colour and joy in your life!

Are you searching for something extraordinary to take your party, your wedding, your event, your businessmeeting or what ever it may be, to a higher level? And make it an unforgettable moment?

EVE Sushi is ready to help you with realizing your ideas and dreams, with our team of professionals!

Take a look on our services page, too see what we offer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want more information.

Stay tuned and check out our blog!

I started as a sushi chef at the age of fifteen. I had a difficult childhood. But it was like an angel was watching over me. An amazing woman had been send in my life. She has been like a mom for me. She owned a sushibar, named Akira Sushi, and she involved me a lot in her business.

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