Love and happiness!


I’m Cristal Samson, owner and founder of EVE Sushi.

I named my company to my beautiful princess Elvira Victoria Elena. She is my love, my motivation and my strength!

She is my motivation to start a business for myself. Even though it wasn’t the perfect time for me to start one.

There were a lot of obstacles that held me down. But as a mom, I will do everything to provide my daughter from everything she needs and deserves.

And what would be greater than to earn money with the thing you love? Well I love to bring love & happiness in life! And I love to make every moment special!

Our daily life is already serious enough. We have a lot of obligations, what sucks the energy out of us.

Well let’s forget them for a moment and feel the love & happiness we deserve!

We are made to be happy. We are made to achieve our dreams. But somethimes we forget that, because of all the fake believes and because unrealistic fear. Somethimes we even forget who we are.

Let’s go back to our natural state


I founded EVE Sushi, because I know sushi makes a lot of people happy.

And luxury too ofcourse!

Let’s combine this all together, make some unforgetable moments and bring back the positive vibes!

No vision is to big

No dream is impossible

It depends on you and no one else!

– Cristal

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