My younger ages as a sushi chef

I started as a sushi chef at the age of fifteen. I had a difficult childhood. But it was like an angel was watching over me. An amazing woman had been send in my life. She has been like a mom for me. She owned a sushibar, named Akira Sushi, and she involved me a lot in her business.

We don’t talk a lot to each other any more. We are both very busy. But I think she has a sushi restaurant now, named Mimmi’s, located in Leiden.

Her sushi is amazing! And she had a lot of big clients. As a sushi chef of her company, I’ve been at the most incredable places and I learned a lot of it.

I’ve found some pictures from me as a sushi chef at my younger ages.

I’m pleased to show these pictures to you and to tell you something about it.


This picture was taken in the restaurant of Van der Valk hotel. I’ve been making sushi at the live cooking buffet for a couple of weekends. It was deffinitly a great experience. The cooks were very kind and funny. I had a great time with them.





This is at the LXRY event, also known as the millionairsfair. We were hired by Hästens, to give their potential clients the real jetset experience. We did a great job, they loved our sushi! We made it a real party in the imitaded Hotel of Ron Blauw, that presented the Hästens beds!


If you watch the Dutch channels on tv, you probaly reconized Rogier on the picture at the LXRY event! He was also a big fan of our sushi. We even did the catering of some of his party’s.



This is me in te Sligro. I had my own mini sushi bar there. It was my job to make sushi in front of the clients and to make some packages for take away.  A lot of people weren’t familiair with sushi at the time. So this was a great way to introduce them to our sushi.

Even though Akira Sushi was a great learing school, it wasn’t the place to realize my vision. I’m a woman who likes to give my own twist at everything I do. Some people may like it, but some people may dislike it as well. It’s oké for me, as long as I’m doing what I love and what matches with my inner zelf. And the best place to express my creativity is my own business!

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