About us

Our vision is to provide people, who love luxury and taking life to the fullest, of delicious sushi and a great time. We offer high quality sushi, that doesn’t only taste great, but also looks magnificant. 

We love to give our costumers an unforgetable expirience and to make them feel special. 

What makes our sushi extraordinary, is that we love making beautiful outstanding sushi and give it our own twist. Even though our sushi is special and exclusive, we keep on creating new sushi combo’s to make sure that our sushi can’t be found somewhere else. 

Quality is our number one priority. Each piece of sushi is made with love and passion. And nothing is to much to let our sushi come to its right and to give you an incredible time!

EVE Sushi is founded by Cristal Samson. She is a loving mom and a laboratory student, who started EVE Sushi as a hobby. Her passion is to bring love and happiness in life. The combination of her passion and her expertise as a sushi chef, makes her the perfect wedding, party- or eventplanner where she provides the people of outstanding delicious sushi. 

“Our daily life is already serious enough. We have a lot of obligations, what sucks the energy out of us.

Well let’s forget them for a moment and feel the love & happiness we deserve!”

Cristal Samson has been a sushi chef for seven years. If you want to read more about the story behind Cristal Samson, take a look at our blog. Cristal loves to share her thoughts and vision. You can read all about it there!

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